Allergostop Kit


ALLERGOSTOP@ is an autologous blood preparation for the preparation of which the patient’s own blood is used. ALLERGOSTOP@ is used for treating exogenous and endogenous allergies that are triggered by an antigen-antibody reaction and for treating auto-immune (autoaggression) illnesses, which is based on autoantibody formation.

For the treatment with ALLERGOSTOP@ there is no need to know the causative agent (= the pathogenic factor). However, it is necessary to take a blood sample at the peak of the particular illness, because this blood contains at this time specific pathogenic antibodies of the illness in a high concentration. Only then can the desired anti-antibodies formation be obtained (formation of antiidiotypic antibodies).

For the preparation of ALLERGOSTOP@ the whole blood is not used, only the blood serum is further processed

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Allergostop Kit


  • 8 physiological saline (9.9 ml), sterile vials
  • 1 serum activator, 7 ml
  • 1 Monovette (9 ml, without additives) with Monovette cannula
  • 1 disinfectant with an alcohol base, 50 ml
  • 1 3 ml syringe
  • 1 cannula, 0.60 x 60 mm (blue)
  • 8 1 ml syringes with fine calibration
  • 8 cannulae, 0.80 x 40 mm (green)
  • Sterile swabs
  • Labels for labelling the vials

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