Relix spag. Peka drops 100ml


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Relix spag. Peka drops 100ml

PZN: 02672413 (Pharmacy Central Number)

Dosage form: drops

Prescription type: prescription-free

Brand: Relix

Manufacturer: Pekana

Product contains: 0,100 l

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Relix spag. Peka drops 100ml

Relix spag. Peka drops – registered homeopathic medicinal product, therefore without indication of therapeutic use. Medical advice should be obtained if symptoms of the disease persist during use.

The medicines, composed according to holistic principles, exhibit a strengthening and vitalizing effect at the organotropic level. From a functional point of view, they harmonize and regulate the derailed metabolic process with the aim of gently and completely healing diseases.

PEKANA Arzneimittel places the highest demands on its products – both in the selection and processing of raw materials. High-quality products on a natural basis – that’s what we specialize in.

  • Strict selection of raw materials
  • Gentle and natural production methods
  • Complete renunciation of animal ingredients
  • Natural and balanced combination of the individual plant substances

All PEKANA medicines can be combined with each other.

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