Biochemistry Tiller 11 Silicea D12 Powder 100g


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Biochemistry Tiller 11 Silicea D12 Powder 100g

PZN: 06323454 (Central Pharmaceutical Number)

Dosage form: powder

Prescription type: prescription-free

Brand: Biochemistry

Manufacturer: Homeopathic Laboratory Alexander Pflüger GmbH & Co. KG

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Biochemistry Tiller 11 Silicea D12 Powder 100g

The salt of connective tissue, skin, hair and nails – Biochemistry Pflüger 11 Silicea D12 powder.

Depending on requirements, different Schuessler salts are suitable for use. Different means can also be combined.

According to the theory of the discoverer Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schüßler (1821 – 1898), diseases are caused by disturbances in the mineral balance of the body cells. The administration of homeopathically potentized minerals supports the body and sets impulses for the cells. The Schüßler salts are used to accompany therapies.

Due to the dilution, the minerals enter the cells directly and the cell function normalizes. This is not about replacing missing minerals, but about providing high quality functional agents that activate self-healing.

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