Biochemistry Pflüger 27 Potassium bichromicum D6 tablets 100 pcs.

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Biochemistry Pflüger 27 Potassium bichromicum D6 tablets 100 pcs.

Biochemistry Pflüger 27 Potassium bichromicum. The salt of immunization

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Dosage form: tablets

Brand: Pflüger

Manufacturer: Pflüger

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Biochemistry Pflüger 27 Potassium bichromicum D6

Salt of immunization – Ploughman 27 potassium bichromicum D6.

Homeopathy is known as an efficient alternative to conventional medicine with few side effects or can accompany and support it in a meaningful way. While allopathy, as conventional medicine is also called, focuses on symptom treatment, homeopathy understands symptoms of illness as reactions to causes of disturbances that indicate that the body is trying to regain its balance on its own. Homeopathy founder Samuel Hahnemann called this balance the “life force”. Homeopathic remedies provide a powerful healing impulse in this process, which is absorbed by the organism as a whole and responded to in a regulatory manner.

Depending on requirements, different Schuessler salts are suitable for use and can also be combined with each other.

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