blue m mouth foam 100ml


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blue m mouth foam 100ml

blue m mouth foam 100ml. Foam with active oxygen is ideal for oral care on the go. Cleaning and care in one.

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Dosage form: foam

Prescription type: prescription-free

Brand: Blue M

Manufacturer: dentalline GmbH & Co. KG

Other product & pack sizes: Blue M

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blue m mouth foam 100ml

blue m mouth foam 100ml. The blue m oral foam contains a very specific formula developed by a world-renowned dentist and oral surgeon, which helps to show teeth at their best.

Wearers of orthodontic appliances, e.g. transparent aligner or retainer trays and fixed braces
Bruxism patients with grinding splints
Denture wearers
Fast-moving people – fast oral care, everywhere!
Athletes wearing a mouthguard
People with breathing problems
Patients after oral surgery
Disease patterns: Autoimmune disease, inflammation of tooth pockets, inflammation of implant bed , inflammation of implant neck mucosa , difficult tooth eruption, dry mouth, cleaning dentures etc. , butterfly lichen , gingivitis

To support oral hygiene:

After brushing your teeth with blue m toothpaste, spray the mouth foam directly into your mouth with two sprays. Leave it on for at least 60 seconds. Do not swallow it or rinse your mouth afterwards.

For orthodontic appliances and dentures: Spray the foam into the mold or denture. Spread the foam so that it is evenly distributed. Insert the mold or denture in the mouth and spit out any excess foam. Wear the device as prescribed by your specialist. For fixed braces, follow the instructions as for oral hygiene support.

Further product details can be found at the manufacturer.

For risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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