Neyrhythmin Nr. 51 D7 ampoules 5x2ml

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Neyrhythmin Nr. 51 D7 ampoules 5x2ml

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Dosage form: ampoules

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Manufactorer: vitOrgan Arzneimittel GmbH

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Neyrhythmin Nr. 51 D7 ampoules 5x2ml

“Hypophysis, Diencephalon” – Neyrhythmin Nr. 51 D7 ampoules..

Manufacturer’s information: The organ homeopathic preparations offered by vitOrgan for biomolecular therapy use natural organic substances with a regulatory and metabolic effect in order to physiologically normalize processes that have gone out of balance. According to the principle “heart heals heart, kidney heals kidney, organ heals organ”, it is important to awaken the power of weakened cells through targeted regulation.
The extensive portfolio offers you high-quality, registered medicines for the holistic treatment of complaints from A for allergies to Z for cirrhosis. The range is supplemented by natural cosmetics, dietary supplements, hair restorers and Bach flower organ complexes from our subsidiaries Regena Ney and Innovapharm.

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