Neyskin Cutana Cream w. Coenzyme Q10 50ml


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Neyskin Cutana Cream w. Coenzyme Q10 50ml

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Neyskin Cutana Cream w. Coenzyme Q10

Neyskin Cutana Cream w. Coenzyme Q10.

  • Natural chamomile essential oil contains anti-inflammatory bisabolol, soothes and nourishes the skin, moisture-binding factors counteract skin aging.
  • Calendula oil stimulates dermatological regulation, soothes the skin and optimally prepares it for the subsequent regeneration phase.
  • Lemongrass makes the skin feel refreshed and well moisturized.
  • Cell extracts – specially prepared, they support the power of cell renewal through their repairstimulating mechanisms and prevent premature aging of the skin.

The aging process of any skin begins with moisture loss. Wrinkles appear, the skin loses elasticity and tone. Harmful environmental influences and free radicals accelerate aging. The skin becomes brittle, cracked, wrinkled and saggy.

With the specially prepared cell extracts of Regena Ney natural active ingredient care, we can support the repair mechanisms of the skin. In this way we activate the healthy skin’s own processes and strengthen the skin cells.
The natural active cosmetics were developed by us according to patented procedures and are an innovation in dermatology. The unique cell extracts in the natural active care support the skin in all phases of its renewal and strengthen it against the effects of aging and harmful environmental influences.

100% natural skin care for very special skin needs.

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