Nurofen Junior Fever & Pain Juice Strawberry 4% 100ml

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Nurofen Junior Fever & Pain Juice Strawberry 4% 100ml

Nurofen Junior Fever & Pain Juice Strawberry 4% 100ml

PZN: 16538227 (Central Pharmaceutical Number)

Dosage form : Juice

Prescription type: prescription-free

Brand: Nurofen Junior Fever & Pain Juice Orange 4% 100ml

Manufacturer: Reckitt Benckiser Deutschland GmbH

The pharmacist recommends the following alternatives to her customers: nurofen junior fever pain juice orange

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Nurofen Junior Fever & Pain Juice Strawberry 4% 100ml

Nurofen Junior Fever & Pain Juice. Whether a child has a fever is usually quickly noticeable by external features: the face becomes hot, the skin is pale, the eyes look tired, the little patient is exhausted and no longer has an appetite. Typical causes are colds, children’s flu, middle ear infections and gastrointestinal diseases, but also teething of the baby. In this phase, the little one puts everything in its mouth to bite on it and pathogens have an easy time. The body reacts to the attack of viruses and bacteria with fever, as an increased body temperature slows down the reproduction of the pathogens. In infants, fever is when the thermometer reads more than 38.5 degrees Celsius. The most accurate measurement is in the buttocks and by means of an infrared thermometer.

The child-friendly solution for fever and pain

Antipyretic and analgesic juices are also recommended because they can be dosed more individually than many comparable painkillers or fever suppositories. The application of NUROFEN® Junior Fever and Pain Juice 40 mg is simple and convenient: The juice is absorbed with the enclosed syringe – precisely adapted to the age and weight of the child. If desired, the fever and pain juice with a delicious strawberry taste can also be administered directly from the syringe to the little patient while lying down. Some people like it best on its own, others prefer it diluted with water or tea, and it can also be mixed with juice.

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