Vitasprint B12 Water Bottle 30 pcs.

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Use Vitasprint B12 as a restorative treatment

Vitasprint B12 is available in water bottles, but also in capsule form. In both cases, Vitasprint B12 is suitable as a restorative cure with a long-term intake of e.g. 30 days, for more mental and physical energy. In this way, the body’s own vitamin B12 depots can be replenished sustainably.

PZN: 01853561

Dosage form: Drinking ampoules

Prescription type: prescription-free

Brand: Vitasprint

Manufacturer: GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare

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Vitasprint B12 Water Bottle 30 pcs.

Vitasprint B12 Water Bottle 30 pcs. In order to be efficient again and keep body and mind fit, the daily dose of energy helps. The tried-and-tested formula with high-dose vitamin B12 can help you with symptoms such as fatigue or lack of concentration. As a medicine, Vitasprint helps you regain your mental and physical energy and feel in shape again. Discover how Vitasprint works.

Good reasons:

– High-dose medicine for daily vitamin B12 needs

– Very well tolerated, therefore suitable as a long-term build-up cure


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