Glandula Thyreoidea GL D5 ampoules 10 pcs.

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Glandula Thyreoidea GL D5 ampoules 10 pcs.

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Dosage form: ampoules

Manufacturer: WALA Arzneimittel

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Product contains: 10 pc.

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Glandula Thyreoidea GL D5 ampoules 10 pcs.

Glandula Thyreoidea GL D5 ampoules: Anthroposophic active substances from medicinal plants, in all phases of life and for numerous complaints.

Anthroposophic medicines available without prescription at the pharmacy. The selection of a drug should be based on a medically proven diagnosis. Please consult your doctor or pharmacist for advice. Furthermore, we recommend that you do not discontinue any medication prescribed by a doctor without consulting your doctor.

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