Lasea Softgels 56 pcs.

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Lasea Softgels 56 pcs.

Lasea for inner restlessness, feelings of anxiety and resulting sleep disorders.

PZN: 05489632 (Central Pharmaceutical Number)

Dosage form: capsules

Prescription type: prescription-free

Manufacturer: Dr. Willmar Schwabe GmbH & Co. KG

Package size: 56 pcs.

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Product contains: 56 pc.

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Lasea for inner restlessness, feelings of anxiety and resulting sleep disorders. Soothes and improves sleep, does not make you addicted or tired during the day, with the special medicinal oil Silexan: helps against restlessness.

Hectic, rushing, hamster wheel: stress at work, stress at home, stress in leisure time – more and more people feel that they can hardly cope with the demands of everyday life. In addition, there are fears about health, the current life situation or one’s own existence, which no longer allow you to rest. Over a certain period of time, body and soul can master even the greatest challenges. But when life in the fast lane becomes a permanent condition, this manifests itself with typical complaints: restlessness, anxiety, constant tension, increased irritability, jumpiness, sleep disorders and nervous stomach problems are then possible consequences. In case of inner restlessness and feelings of anxiety, medicinal lavender offers valuable help.

With the medicinal lavendel against inner restlessness and permanent tension.

Further product details for Lasea softgels can be found from the manufacturer: Dr. Willmar Schwabe GmbH & Co. KG

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